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comino caves

Comino Caves

Comino is home to many gorgeous scenes, including the historic Comino Tower, the beautiful Blue Lagoon, the Comino Chapel, just...

Comino Blue Lagoon

Exploring Comino in Winter

Comino, the smallest of the Maltese Islands, is typically known for the hundreds of Maltese and non-Maltese visitors it has...

Comino Hotel

Comino Hotel

Comino is possibly the most popular tourist attraction around the Maltese Islands, making it an ideal place for accommodation. That’s...

Comino Boat Tour

Visiting Comino by Ferry during Covid-19

With Malta’s heatwaves, there’s nothing better than having a relaxing boat day, looking at the spectacular views of the Maltese...

Comino Blue Beach

Idyllic beach havens to visit by boat around the Maltese Islands

Comino Beach havens on a glorious summer day There’s nothing more spectacular than crystal-blue waters, surrounded by gorgeous cliffs reflecting...

Fishing in Comino

Fishing – a unique experience to enjoy in Comino

Fishing – a unique experience to enjoy in Comino If you’re looking to do something unique in Comino, shore fishing...