Comino Caves

Comino is home to many gorgeous scenes, including the historic Comino Tower, the beautiful Blue Lagoon, the Comino Chapel, just to name a few. Also located on the island are the spectacular Comino Caves, which were naturally formed through hundreds of years of shaping by the rough Mediterranean sea. Today, these caves are popular destinations for both Maltese and non-Maltese visitors, as their crystal blue waters and magnificent structures provide an unforgettable experience for all. Check out all you need to know about the picturesque Comino caves, including what to do and how to get there!

Visit the Santa Maria Caves

With at least 10 caves, the Santa Maria Caves are a popular option for those visiting Comino. Located in the North of Comino, the caves offer a wide variety of gorgeous destinations for visitors to set up camp. The caves are less than 8 metres deep, making them a super choice for those who may not feel completely comfortable in the water but would still like to go through the experience. Countless underwater photographers have chosen these caves to take unbelievable photos of the deep blue sea, the underwater creatures, as well as the beautiful structures of the caves themselves. They were even famously featured in the 2002 hit film The Count of Monte Cristo!

Explore the Julia Caves

Also located in the North of the island, not far from the Santa Maria Caves, are what have come to be known as the Julia Caves. Known for its sparkly blue waters and top destination for the perfect souvenir picture, this cave is a hidden gem for the island which not too many people know about. Its gorgeous character truly shines through and should definitely be on the top of your list of places to visit. It even connects to the Santa Maria Caves underwater! So if you’re looking for an adventure, going from one cave to another through the natural underwater trail is the ideal way to spend your time in Comino.

Go for a swim

Many people make the most out of the caves by swimming in them. Due to the rock formations, most caves provide shelter from the scorching Maltese summer heat, unlike on beaches where sun umbrellas are typically rented to avoid the sun’s harmful rays. The caves offer a wonderful swimming adventure which will definitely be the highlight of your trip. They are typically only accessed by boat, so whether you’ve rented a private charter or are using the standard ferry, be sure to make a few stops at the caves and enjoy the gorgeous waters! It is important to note that since there are no very shallow ends like on beaches, young children should constantly be supervised by adults to avoid any accidents.

Go snorkelling or scuba diving

The Santa Maria caves are a great option to go snorkelling due to their being quite shallow. Snorkellers can easily come up for air at any point without worrying that they won’t make it up in time. For scuba diving, the Santa Maria caves are an excellent choice as the sunlight frequently shines through the cracks of the caves, also making it an ideal destination for underwater photographers and videographers. However, unless going with a certified instructor, you must be a certified diver to a depth of 18 metres to dive in these caves. The Julia caves is also a top destination for snorkelers and scuba divers looking to explore the depths of Comino.

Visit the caves by boat

Whatever you choose to do at the caves, most can only be accessed by boat as opposed to by foot from Comino itself. If you’re renting a private charter or even have your own boat, we suggest you first take a quick trip around Comino to locate each cave and determine which one is least busy. Those going to Comino with the standard ferry and taxi services don’t need to worry about missing the experience, as many services visit the caves on the way back to Malta/Gozo. So, however you get there, just be sure to check out these naturally gorgeous caves to get the full Maltese islands experience!

All in all, the caves are an excellent choice for everyone, from couples who want a quiet and secluded option, to groups who are searching for the ultimate Maltese adventure! Click here find out more about how to visit the Comino Caves.