Exploring Comino in Winter

Comino, the smallest of the Maltese Islands, is typically known for the hundreds of Maltese and non-Maltese visitors it has each Summer, due to its luxurious beaches and sea views. Yet, many underestimate how enjoyable a trip to Comino can be during Wintertime, especially for those who are not drawn to the sun and sea. Take a look at these 5 tips for exploring Comino in Winter.

Appreciate Comino without the heat and the masses

Although Comino’s main attractions are better enjoyed in Summer, many who don’t really favour the heat can also enjoy the island. Comino’s spectacular views can sometimes be better appreciated without the blazing sun on them, given that there aren’t many places of shade around the island. Moreover, since most people visit Comino to swim, snorkel, and tan, it’s much quieter in Winter. The serenity of hearing the ocean waves hit Comino’s shore without peoples’ background noise makes for a super enjoyable day if you’re one who searches for such tranquillity.

Enjoy a hike around the island

Given Comino’s smallness, some choose to travel to the island for a relaxing walk or hike. It’s entirety is 2.5kms by 1.5kms, meaning that you can get around the whole island by foot in a few hours. Whilst there are obviously spots in Malta and Gozo where walks and hikes can be held, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of these busy places, Comino is a great place to get some exercise whilst ensuring peace and serenity. The added bonus of Comino’s incredible views increases its superiority over its sister islands. It is important, however, to come prepared when walking in Comino in Winter. Since there are not many places for shelter, it’s vital that proper clothing is worn to protect yourself against harsh weathers.

One of Comino’s coastal towers

Take gorgeous pictures

It’s undeniable that Comino is a gorgeous island. Its shadowy caves, well-defined natural structures, the sparkling Mediterranean sea surrounding it, and, of course, the lack of concrete which can cover its natural beauty. This is why many photographers and photography-enthusiasts have taken the time to travel to Comino. The splendour of the environment not only makes for a gorgeous photo, but is also frequently used as a perfect background for photoshoots, professional and recreational. If you’re thinking of going to Comino for such a task, remember to check certain things beforehand, such as wind and rain, to ensure that you capture the perfect shot.

Comino aerial shot

Delight in covid-free ferry trips

Since less people would be inclined to visit Comino in Winter, the ferry would be much less busy. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a big plus for those who want to keep extra cautious, given that social distancing is much easier and there’s a lesser chance of having sick people aboard. So, less people would be on the island as a whole compared to Malta and Gozo, meaning that you can social distance in comfort and, as long as you’re abiding by the Maltese government’s regulations, even stay without a mask to be more comfortable.

Check ferry schedules and weather reports

Due to the decrease of people travelling to Comino in Winter compared to the Summer months, ferry trips are less frequent. Thus, if you’re planning to go to the island during Wintertime, it’s best to confirm travelling times from Cirkewwa (Malta) or Mgarr (Gozo) to Comino and back. If in doubt, give Ebsons Comino Ferries a call to find out the scheduled ferry times. Moreover, sometimes the Winter weather is too harsh for boat trips and even if not, may be too windy/rainy to enjoy Comino at all. This is why it’s important to frequently check weather reports for the day that you’re planning to travel, as although they’re not always completely accurate, you can get a good indication of the weather for that day.

Comino is a beautiful island, and whether enjoyed in Summer or Winter, hundreds of locals and tourists visit it to get the full Maltese experience. Whilst pastimes like swimming and snorkelling are off the list for Wintertime, those who prefer colder weathers can definitely still enjoy a relaxing day off in Comino doing other activities.