Fishing – a unique experience to enjoy in Comino

Fishing – a unique experience to enjoy in Comino

If you’re looking to do something unique in Comino, shore fishing might be just what the doctor ordered! Enjoy idyllic landscapes, nestled between beautiful bays and venture into an age-old hobby.

What’s the big enjoyment with Comino fishing?

Shore fishing came about to get closer with nature by immersing yourself with sea creatures and have mental peace and well-being. The relaxing atmosphere with the calming sounds of the Comino seas gives a sense of calmness which is hard to achieve unless in solitude – remove from other social contact. Shore fishing can be enjoyed both in isolation or amongst a small group of friends who are equally passionate about this hobby.

The scenic coast of Comino

There are several locations around Comino which are ideal for short-fishing. A short walk to the cliffs close to Santa Maria Bay provides a pleasant fishing experience which is both quiet especially during the months of Winter and also in the evenings on a warm summer day. The reef of Lantern Point is another place to find an abundance of fish sheltering from the deep.

Rocky areas provide a good platform for fishing in Comino

You can find shallow waters made around the island of Comino and such locations provide rocky areas to fish from which are easily accessible by on foot. In such areas you will mostly find parrot fish, several kinds of wrasses and breams with fish sizes varying from small to medium.

Fishing activities require equipment

You may use both pole and reel rods for your fishing expedition in Comino. Pole rods are easy to use however are a bit more complicated if you’re looking to shoot out bait further away from the rocky area. A reel rod on the other hand, allows you to fish in deep waters and you are also able to reach difficult areas which are otherwise impossible with a pole rod.  

Fish of the day

The type of fish you catch is dependent on the type of rod. Big fish can be caught using a reel role. But, both pole and reel rods can be used using a float or lead. Float fishing is more indicated to catch mullets using bread as bait whereas you have a greater chance of catching a variety of bottom-fish with lead when charting a boat for the day.

Where to get equipment

Being such a popular hobby in Malta and Gozo, fishing equipment can be purchased from several shops around the islands. There are a couple of fishing shops in Victoria, Gozo so you will always find a place to get what you need. Then hop onto one of our scheduled Gozo to Comino ferry to enjoy a nice spot of fishing.