Idyllic beach havens to visit by boat around the Maltese Islands

Comino Beach havens on a glorious summer day

There’s nothing more spectacular than crystal-blue waters, surrounded by gorgeous cliffs reflecting colourful hues of oranges and browns on your chartered boat. This is what Comino has to offer and tonnes more with picture-perfect beaches and memorable bays – deal for kayaking and paddle-boating. Across the bay from Comino, is the easily-accessible sister island of Gozo which also offers breathtaking, spectacular beaches.

Santa Marija Bay, Comino

A shallow bay nestled in between several other secluded bays around Comino, Santa Marija offers a place of respite for non-confident swimmers. With shallow waters and a sandy beach, the bay is ideal for families with young children and for swimming alike.

Crystal waters in Blue Lagoon

This magnificent bay is well-known to many and is renowned as one of the most spectacular beaches around all the Maltese Islands. Crystal-blue waters, sandy beaches and glorious landscapes is appealing to people of all walks of life. A number of activities can be done from here such as kayaking, snorkeling and paddle-boarding. Such items can be easily rented out from the on-land kiosks who rent such equipment for those seeking a little adventure in an idyllic setting.

Isolated bay in the sister island of Comino

You may get to Daħlet Qorrot – a secluded beach in Gozo from land or by boat. Conveniently situated close to the village of Nadur, this tranquil bay is often frequented by local fisherman and offers a peaceful bay from which you can relax, snorkel or kayak in the surrounding waters after taking one of our schedules Gozo to Comino ferries.

Diving for beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike

Comino and the Maltese Islands offer a perfect location for diving enthusiasts – whether you have just started the hobby or whether you have years of experience. There are a variety of bays and caves to dive from and all with something unique to offer.

Natural cliffs, rock and a secluded bay

For a secluded experience, enjoy a secret bay which can be found lying underneath the cliffs of Rdum il-Biez. This bay is only accessible by boat and can be part of a chartered boat trip around the islands of Gozo and Comino. The unique bay gives you the chance to enjoy a private bay whether you have rented a boat alone or with a small group of friends who are avid sea and beach lovers.

How to charter a boat

You may book a chartered trip here where you may book a half day or a full day boat trip whether it’s for small groups or large groups. Our skipper will offer you a private tour of what the Comino Islands and its surround areas have to offer.